Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our Philosophy About Student Discipline

Discipline is love. We cannot claim to care about students and ignore their behavior until we are so tired of their misbehavior that we just push kids out of school. If we care, we will not allow students to continue to undermine their own potential with their self-defeating behaviors. Because they are children, because they are human, we expect students to need correction often, and we are prepared to help them learn and grow in every area of their lives. The adults in our building must be so prepared and so confident in dealing with all kinds of student behavior that it is impossible for students to unnerve us or cause us to react emotionally to their words or actions.

We acknowledge that behavior absolutely impacts learning, and we protect our learning environment from undue interruptions and disruptions by invoking our building discipline system. At the same time, we acknowledge that some of our students come to us with challenging or traumatic experiences that affect their ability to manage their own emotions and behavior. We commit to learning and practicing skills and models that help us work effectively with our hurt or damaged youth, systems that help us to keep them closer instead of pushing them away from us and/or out of school.

What is your school's philosophy about student discipline? Your Philosophy About Student Discipline

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