Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hey, Teacher

Hey, Teacher,

When you don’t enforce the discipline system, you don’t play fair.

Yeah, we talk out of turn and clown around. And when you don’t say anything, we think you don’t care if we socialize. When you start clowning with us, we think, “Yeah! It’s on-n-n!” Then you want to snap.

You could just assign the consequences that you put up on the board and talked about for three months. You could just follow through with the steps you taught us when we get out of line, like our other teachers do. Instead, you threaten us: “I will put you OUT.”

Sometimes you just keep repeating “Shhh”, “Be quiet”, “Hush.” (We don’t really hear that, though. It’s like background music.)

Then you get mad and start lecturing us about being “so disrespectful and thoughtless and immature,” but you’re the one who diss-es us when you call us thoughtless and immature. Who’s thoughtless, but the one who fails to follow through with his word? Who’s immature, but the one who throws a fit when we don’t follow the rules

Why don't you just give your consequences? Are you scared? Of us? If you're scared of us, how can you teach us? If you’re scared of us, how can you lead us? If you’re scared of us, how can we trust you? 

You don’t play fair. You get sarcastic and talk about us in front of our friends. You make hurtful jokes and humiliate us. You provoke us to anger, and when we get mad, you want to write us up.

One minute, you're cool, and the next minute, you're out of control.  Why can’t you just use the discipline system, without making everything personal? The plain old rules and consequences wouldn’t make us half as mad as this stuff you do. 

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