Thursday, July 10, 2014

What's in a Name Change?

So I changed the name of this blog from Building Your School-Wide Discipline System to, simply, my name. 

I started this blog in January of 2014 to share the extraordinary work of our incredible teaching staff and to practice writing about schooling. I hope that my enthusiasm for leading my high-needs urban middle school is evident to readers. It certainly is one of the most fulfilling facets of my life.

Building Your School-wide Discipline System was the title of a book I have been working on since last September. 

Many authors, more knowledgeable than I am about navigating publishing in this digital age, advise writers to use their own name for their blog rather than the title of one of their books.

Keeping up with this blog, posting regularly enough to generate consistent interest, is a challenge. I can't imagine trying to maintain a blog for every separate book I write.

So, Laurie Boyd, the blog, will broaden to other topics that I like to explore, most of them related to schooling, of course, but also writing and self-publishing.

Speaking of name changes . . . 

My marketing research indicates that titles with the words "classroom management" will sell better than a discipline book, so I have finally decided on the title, Beyond Classroom Management: Building Your School-Wide Discipline System.

Even though the name change resulted from marketing research, I think the words "Beyond Classroom Management" captures the message of this book better than it's original title. That message is this:

While every classroom teacher must acquire expertise in classroom management, a truly effective school will provide a system of interventions for every pattern of student behavior they encounter, and the school leader will fully support teachers in their efforts to implement that system. Here's how.

I'm excited to share the cover design for my soon-to-be-released Kindle ebook:

I plan to produce the print-on-demand version (paperback books) as soon as I get this one published (self-published). 

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