Sunday, May 17, 2015

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What educators are saying about Beyond Classroom Management: Building Your School-Wide Discipline System:

  • This book was a great read for those looking to plan or review their whole school behavior management plan. It contains good tips and ideas for administrators of all levels. Whether you're starting out or starting over, this book is a good read. 

  • Beyond Classroom Management is an excellent resource for both teachers and administrators. The book is engaging, thoughtful and most importantly, practical! The author has systematically described the most important aspects of managing a classroom/school and lines out exactly how to do it from both the perspective of the classroom teacher, as well as from the administrative side. Every year, I work with new teachers who are entering the teaching profession with high hopes and dreams of becoming a great teacher. Time after time, their ability to manage their classroom is a make it or break it issue for their success. I would highly recommend Beyond Classroom Management for teachers as well as administrators who train teachers if they are interested in teacher retention and effectiveness.

  • Excellent book..many good ideas to use in classrooms. I have seen these ideas work so well and successfully with middle school age students.

  • Author, Laurie Boyd, "tells it like it is" as she defines the building of relationships and tenacity required in today's classrooms. I like this easy-to-follow book and feel it is a "must-read" for all teachers and school learning communities as it includes motivational common-sense moves to incorporate within even the most challenging of classrooms. This would serve well as the focus for a book study within Professional Learning Communities.

Who Should Read Beyond Classroom Management: Building Your School-Wide Discipline System?

  • Any leader who recognizes the need for increased structure and a working system for his or her school will find help in this book. 
  • Any teacher who is trying to find his or her way to more effective classroom management, and who needs support for developing effective discipline structures will find help in this book. 
  • School teams who are developing components of a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) plan will find help in this book. 

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Beyond Classroom Management

Who is Laurie Boyd, author of Beyond Classroom Management: Building Your School-Wide Discipline System?

  • Laurie Boyd is the principal of Arrowhead Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas. During her 25-year career (so far), she has performed the following jobs for her urban school district: substitute teacher, Social Studies teacher, English teacher, Literacy Leader, School Improvement Facilitator, Assistant Principal, and Principal. Laurie enjoys collaborating with and supporting teachers. She loves to write about her highly motivated and dedicated school staff and the successes they accomplish together at Arrowhead, a school where great teachers want to work and that students love to attend.

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