Monday, August 10, 2015

Announcing: This Year's School-Wide Theme

One of the ways we communicate our belief in our students, our joy in our profession, and our desire to create and maintain the most positive and productive school environment possible is through the use of a yearly school-wide theme.

As early in the summer as I can, I send an email attachment announcing the theme for the coming school year. I include my reasons for my selection, some ideas about the imagery we can all use on our bulletin boards, what our staff shirts might look like - anything I can think of to communicate the gist of the theme. Here is my (the principal's) announcement of this year's theme:

Wait. There's more.

We design our required student planner (agenda) to depict our theme each year: 

I love to watch my teachers large, hallway bulletin boards bloom - all depicting messages that support our theme and identify the House that each teacher sponsors. (Click here to read about the Esteemed Houses of Arrowhead Middle School.)

Finally, please enjoy a mini-tour of several theme-based bulletin boards from our hallways:

If you have prepared a classroom or a school-wide theme for your students, please share your ideas in the comments below. Take a picture of your themed board and share it on our public pinterest board:"High School Themes," for secondary teachers: 

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